NERO is a Live Action Role Playing organization with a heavy focus on the role playing element of the game.

NERO features a rich commerce system, lore, character creation, quests, and of course, combat.

Events are normally full weekend events of quests and fighting primarily NPC’s. Character creation is an in-depth system with a combination of race and class that dictates your natural affinity toward specific skills. However the skill trees are open ended, anyone can gain any skills, and it’s about the points required to gain those skills. So while race and class play a large impact on gameplay and character creation, it’s not the end all limiting factor in abilities. 

Currently the playable races are being up for review and testing so I’ll leave that out of this section. But I will discuss briefly the classes.


Fighters are your traditional physical combat character. This class gets the most armor of any class, but has a harder time learning magical, scholar, healing, and alchemy skills.


Masters of the mind, this class is the polar opposite of a fighter. What this class loses in health, armor, and fighting skills, it makes up for with magic, scholar, and healing skills.


Rogues have a solid base of skills, with the highest stealth and alchemy skills of all characters.


The jack of all trades, and master of none. This is your hybrid class of fighting and magic. A strong based of other skills, with above average fighting and magic skills. Fighting skills lower than a fighter, and mental skills lower than a scholar, but a nice middle group if you want to be somewhere in between.

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