Unfortunately I couldn’t find much information first hand on this group, so I got an excerpt from one of the current members. IFGS is a LARP loosely based off the DnD/Pathfinder genre of tabletop RPGs. While there are open games and tournament style games at times, the majority of our games are adventures written complete with defined goals and encounters with NPCs (nonplayer characters, ie monsters, information/quest givers, etc) and/or challenges such as rope courses, balance beams, puzzles, “lock picking”, etc. As player characters, you choose a class (8 in standard, 2 in open beta) which gives you access to different abilities. As you level up and get more games under your belt, you can obtain magic items that can often grant you a one time or once per day usage of an ability from another class which is how you effectively multiclass in our system. Our system does include magic as well as live action foam weapon combat. It is a lot of fun. We don’t take ourselves that seriously compared to other LARPs. We value roleplay over authenticity or uniformity in character backgrounds or attire. If you want to play a steam punk inspired character, awesome. If you want to play a high fantasy inspired character, awesome. If you want to play a time/world displaced character, awesome. Want to show up in jeans and a tee shirt and swing foam? Awesome. Matter of fact, your team of PCs might have a complete hodgepodge of those character architypes on the same team. Additionally, you can have multiple characters which is nice as different games have different themes. So, your more serious characters can have fun in a “save the world” type game whereas your more jokester characters can have fun in the more lighthearted games. And you get to NPC some too (or a lot depending on your likes) which is a lot but different kind of fun. Playing as the NPCs means you don’t have to worry about resource management. You just get to fight and/or roleplay with the PCs and either die spectacularly after giving the PCs a good fight or maybe even kill a PC of you are playing a high-risk game. Fret not though. There are ways to revive a character and very few of our games are true rock and roll hardcore risk games. Some of our members do prefer NPCing over PCing, and you do get rewards for NPCing which you can apply to any of your existing characters. So regardless of if you are playing your character or a NPC, you will get something out of it in addition to a good time.

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