Live Action Role-Playing

Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is basically a real life version of RPG’s. There is no one common rule set or theme for LARPing. Styles vary based on the organization the players are participating in. Timeframes range from the distant past to apocalyptic futures, everything in between, and somehow even more than that! Some LARP’s use foam weapons to allow for full contact combat, and some use real weapons or wooden weapons. Some LARP’s use magic and spells, while other stick to just combat. There are some organizations that are pure combat, some that are combat and more, such as arts and crafts. There are even some forms of LARP that have little to no combat and are focused more on the role-playing aspect. 

Whether you want to hit someone with a foam covered stick (hint: you do) or you want want a fun group to hang out with and do fun crafting projects with, there’s probably a style out there for you!