Who We Are

This section is all about who we are, and the unique skills we bring to the table to best serve you. 

We’re just regular people with a wide range of skills who love to LARP. Mostly from Amtgard, we want to help everyone in the world of Live Action Role Playing. Highly knowledgeable about business and marketing, as well as engineering, web development, and of course, LARPing! We may be small, but we dream big. We believe LARPing should be a lot bigger than it is now, and just needs better marketing and better access to resources, all of which we have the skills and experience to do. After all, who doesn’t want to hit someone with a foam covered stick?

Our Journey

This is how we came up with our idea and our journey getting to where we are now.

Our journey actually started a couple of years ago. We noticed one of the biggest struggles for those who already LARP, or are just joining, is the availability of resources. No large companies sell supplies designed specifically for LARPing, which makes it very hard to really grow the sport and get more people involved. Like most people we scavenged to get what we could in order to build weapons. Trying to find camp pads on one site, pipe insulation somewhere else, figure out what type of cores to use, finding bamboo, kitespar, fiberglass, then trying to figure out how to attach it. Then working to build it all, and finding out it didn’t pass the rules at your park for one reason or another. 

We had the skills in business and design to find a solution and make it available to the community. We started with the simple plan of just collecting all the items LARPers needed to help consolidate getting what you needed without going to a dozen sites who don’t even tell you if it fits what you need for Live Action Role Playing. It wasn’t long before it grew much larger. The more we researched, the more we realized we could have items specially made specifically for LARPing rather than using other peoples sloppy second supplies. We began to design and develop our own items, then mass produce them to cut costs so we could bring it to our customers at a reasonable price.

It’s not just products that are all over the place on the internet, information is as well. So many different LARP groups, trying to find out what they all are, and what they’re all about can be challenging, especially if you’re new. Our site won’t just be a congregation of products, but also free information to help support the world of Live Action Role Playing. A centralized source for everything you need, whether you just started or you’re an experienced veteran. 

That went well, until we realized that not every LARPer is one size fits all. Yes some items everyone wants standardized, like foam to build weapons, you need it to fit the rules. But you don’t want the same tunic everyone else is wearing. Unfortunately artistic items to help represent yourself such as garb we couldn’t create in the small quantities we would need to have all the different designs, while still providing good quality and price. There were also some items we simply couldn’t beat other sites one, such as The Ring Lord, who makes the best rings and scales on the market. Instead we decided we’d partner with other companies, such as The Ring Lord, Gamma, and smaller companies that provide items to augment Live Action Role Playing, so we can provide you a better selection on items you don’t want to be exactly the same as everyone else.

We also know there are a lot of talented artisans out there. However hosting your website and driving traffic to it, or even just posting on Facebook isn’t always your best options. We decided to dedicate a portion of our website to allow vendors to post their own products to help people make their own products available for sale, without investing a lot of money in the infrastructure to do it. 

Our final phase is to help grow LARPing. The profits from our products go not just to advertising our site, but to help build awareness about LARPing and the different organizations. We also have plans to run fundraisers for any interested LARP organizations, to help them build funds to support the game for their players. We’re very pleased that our site is a great opportunity to provide quality products and information to users, and can use the profits raised to help grow a community we all love.