Amtgard is a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) organization with its own set of rules, guidelines, and culture. At its core it’s a combat LARP where players use a wife variety foam weapons, bows, spells, armor, and if you’re cool enough, even fireballs! (Don’t worry, they’re foam, not real fire). It’s a combination of historical combat, mythology, and fantasy. Whether you’re just looking for combat, role playing and fantasy, or just a fun social structure, Amtgard might be what you want.

Amtgard as a game consists of classes playing in a battle game. The games have a wide variety of objectives from defeating the other team in combat, capturing flags, or even defeating monsters. If you need idea’s for different battle games, we have a section on battle games over in our resource section. Classes use a variety of different weapons from bows, daggers, swords, and even flails. Classes also use a wide variety of different armor, to include cloth, leather, chainmail, scale armor, and even full plate!


Archer: This is your classic Archer class. This class uses a bow and specialty arrows. This class can wear light armor, and while they use a bow, they can also use daggers and short swords.

Assassin: Armed with skills for support, this class uses their unique ability to sneak up on foes to eliminate opponents. Also using light armor, assassins get a wide variety of weapons, from daggers to long swords, throwing weapons, and even a bow!

Barbarian: Barbarians are powerful fighters who use any melee weapon they please to chase down and crush their opponents! Strong enough to break armor with their swings, these powerful fighters are so strong even death takes time to stop them.

Monk: No armor, No problem! The only class that can block projectiles such as thrown weapons and arrows. A powerful fighter who can support his team with heals and even resurrection.

Scout: Jack of all trades, and always useful. This class does a little bit of everything. They can use a wide variety of weapons from swords to bows. Self-healing, and the ability to disappear to stay alive, this class has a variety of abilities to help keep the opposing team in line.

Warrior: Your traditional tank. A heavily armored fighter who can use all melee weapons, and large shields. Combine that with a wide range of abilities that help them stay alive and repair their equipment for more sustainability.

Bard: A magic user who uses their songs to help support their team. Don’t let that fool you though, with the option to take weapons, armor, and shields, this class can support its team, stand toe to toe in combat, or both.

Druid: A magic user that uses the power of nature to buff team mates or even themselves to become even more powerful fighters.

Healer: Just as you would expect, a magic user that supports other team members with healing, resurrection and … an army of undead? That’s right, these healers are more than meets the eye, great at support, but with shields, flails, and raising the dead, this class can be a powerful force on the field!

Wizard: Just as you would expect, the masters of the arcane fight with a wide variety of spells, from standard spells, to a wide range of spellballs. Whether you want to stop them in their tracks, envelop them in fire, or just annihilate anyone who makes the mistake to cross them.

This game is more than just combat though, there is also a lot more. From large events to days at the park. Combat to arts and crafts. Amtgard is more than just a combat LARP, it’s a community and a lifestyle. Visit their official website, and find a park near you.