Dystopia Rising

Dystopia Rising is a post Zombie Apocalypse Live Action Role Playing organization

Set generations after the fall of civilization, the world is a different place where Zombies are part of day to day life in a world where just getting by is a challenge. The remaining survivors haven’t come through it unphased either. Everyone has some strain of the virus in their system, and these strains have evolved over time as well, giving different strains unique abilities and characteristics.

Dystopia Rising (DR) has an in depth crafting and commerce systems, as well as an HP based combat system. Instead of races you have strains of the virus. Instead of classes your have professions, and eventually can even gain additional professions. Each strain and profession unlocks it’s own set of skills. With 21 strains and 38 professions, there are a lot of combinations to develop a character and useful skills. 

One of the more unique aspects of this group is the use of NERF weapons. One of the few groups that allows them, it opens up a unique combat style and another level to the game!

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