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LARP Outlet is designed to be the one stop shop for all LARPing information and supplies. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, sadly collecting all of the information on LARPing will take time, and the help from our members. We want to help get the word out about LARPing to the greater community. Live Action Role Playing is an amazing activity and we need to get more people involved. 


We’ve listed the resources we’ve built, and plan to add more as time goes on and LARPers develop new things. We have lots of great idea’s from the future, and as always want to hear from you on how we can improve and make things better. We’ve added a second on free Amtgard spellbook inserts. We plan to add a section on battle games to help parks come up with new idea’s and submit their own idea’s to help their fellow parks. We’ve listed the major LARP groups, and a few smaller groups we know of, but we need our members to help us with their knowledge of other groups, to help new players find groups that fit them best.

Outlet Store

Our in house store sells craftinig items designed specifically for LARPing, as well as commonly used items and support items provided by our partners. Money generated from sales of items will help promote advertising to the general population on the Live Action Role Playing world, as well as development on new supplies to help making LARPing better for everyone.


This is YOUR store! Members of the community can set up shop here to sell their products. A space for your stores, and members in your own community. Crafters being able to make and sell their goods are a staple of the LARPing community, and we want to support that by providing a platform for crafters to get their goods in front of the people who want them.Do you have items you want to sell? Go to your account and click the link to become a vendor. 

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